Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Quickie!

I haven’t been a great blogger lately so here’s a quick update:

- I’m on vacation this week – yay!!

- I’m working on a few projects such as building a headboard out of an old door and installing laminate flooring in my bedroom. The headboard is coming along nicely and I will be starting on the floor soon. My sister gave me her left over flooring; what a sweetie she is!

- It’s Pacha’s birthday today! She is 2 years old. :-)

- After 14 long months on the market my sister finally sold her house last week and moved yesterday. Their new house should be ready in a few months. I’ve been visiting the lot regularly and it looks awesome!

- My Mom also sold her house last month and is moving tomorrow. She bought a brand new condo and will be moving in next month. I’m so excited for both my mom and my sister.

- I accepted Pravus as my friend on facebook with limited access to my profile. This morning I saw she posted a memorial for my brother complete with pictures of his final days. I feel so bad… she always wants expose the worst pictures of him. I’m sure my brother would prefer not having pictures of himself in a hospital gown for the whole world to see. *sigh* she also doesnt seem to understand the concept of caps commas periods general punctuation ugh

- I start school next Tuesday and I am so excited! I have to buy a stethoscope, which makes me ridiculously happy.

- I’m done working at the hospital and am returning to work at the restaurant this weekend.

- I promise pictures of my projects and new pics of Pacha in my next post!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Evil on Facebook

I can’t believe this has happened! Pravus has asked to be my friend on facebook. Gah! I don’t know what to do. She’s the type of person that would totally hold a grudge if I wasn’t her friend, but I also DON’T want Pravus to know any personal details of my life! Granted I don’t share much on facebook, but even have her see a recent picture of Pacha makes me nauseous.

Newer readers might not be acquainted with Pravus. If you search my blog you might eventually make sense of who she is. She is essentially someone I don’t like very much who is somewhat related to me. I am no longer full of hatred and loathing whenever I see her, but I can’t say I like her either.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

In my bed? But I trusted you!

Pacha, Pacha, Pacha! Last night she peed in my bed! I couldn’t believe it. And here I thought we were doing so good. We had 3 days in a row without any incidents and then yesterday was just an overall bad day. When I got home she had peed twice in her “room”. Then my roommate told me she had let her out while she was home and she had peed on the landing in front of the stairs. That evening I brought her for a long walk and figured she would be all peed out. When I went to bed I brought her with me as usual. I always place her on my bed while I go get ready in the washroom so she doesn’t wonder into one of roommates’ room. When I got back I was shocked to see the big pee stain on my sheets! Luckily the sheets made it to the washer before it had time to reach the mattress. Finally, in the middle of the night I got up to go pee and figured I would bring her with me… not trusting her alone in my bed and she peed on the washroom floor. This time she didn’t even try hiding from me. Ugh.