Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Over 30? Single?

Then you’re the guy for me. Apparently that’s how it goes anyway. My good friend R met a guy in the airport on Sunday night and gave him my number! It’s a guy she used to work with at Crystal Palace when we were in high school. They were both heading to Toronto for work and over the course of the conversation he mentioned he was single. She said, “you’re going to think I’m crazy, but my friend just dropped me off at the airport and she is single and a really great girl. I’m sure you guys would hit it off”. So he gave her his business card and told her to tell me to email him.

The ironic thins is, he works at Blue Cross which is where I used to work. I can’t place him at all, though and neither can he. No harm in meeting him anyway.

My roommate Liz totally cracks me up. I told her about this potential date and she was so excited! She said, “I’ve been praying for you so much lately… and not the crappy, lazy kind of prayers… the really good stuff!” She is just too funny!

I guess we’ll see what happens.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Show yourself

This is purely a curiosity post. I often wonder who reads this blog. I know of maybe 5 faithful readers and then once in a while I get a comment from someone and am surprised they read my blog. So indulge me – make yourself known readers. :-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Irrational thoughts

I love my house. I really do. I’ve never had doubts that my purchase wasn’t the best decision ever. So why do I feel all weird about my house suddenly?

My house is quite old and it shows… but that’s what gives it character, right? Last night I had a potential roommate come visit the room I have for rent. For once it was someone who seemed normal. It was a young student who came to visit with her Mom. As I’m walking up the stairs to show her the room after touring the main level, I hear the Mom whisper to the daughter, “the floors are really crooked… do you really want to live in a crooked house?” The daughter doesn’t answer. I suddenly feel self-conscious about my crooked floors. :-( It’s not like it can’t be fixed, but leveling the house would make everything shift and the plaster on the walls crack. So until I’m ready to redo all the floors and re-plaster and paint all the walls, my floors will remain crooked. Besides, it makes walking in the house while drunk so much easier.

Today, the comment has been echoing in my head. It’s not the first comment of this kind I’ve heard. My Mom, for instance, hated the house when she first walked in. She felt I had made a horrible decision and should never have bought the place. According to her, I should have bought a brand new house. Ummm… yeah… cause a student can totally afford a brand new house. Even if I were still working I wouldn’t have been able to afford a new house. After I told her I was returning to school she said, “oh, now I understand why you bought THAT house”. Other comments I’ve heard from friends:
“On old house is ok for you I guess… but I didn’t want something used”
“You can tell the floors were done in a rush. They weren’t done very well”
“Hey, it’s your first house – it’s not supposed to be nice”

Ugh. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to purchase a house on a single salary. Money aside, this house is completely adorable!

Last week I saw my ex’s parents and I was so proud of myself for chatting with them without feeling my usual rush of anger that almost always comes with any conversation surrounding the ex. Now I’m reflecting on the conversation again. I’m remembering how I told them my house was about 70 years old to which his mother said, “yes, well it’s too bad you couldn’t afford something new”. At the time I was slightly irritated, but brushed it off. Today I’m feeling all twitchy about the comment. You see, I never measured up to their (or their son’s) level of class. This isn’t a rich family by any means! They are exactly the same middle-class family I grew up in, but they always wanted to be all showy about their possessions. While I was with my ex his parents commented on my car (it was a 1995 Honda Civic… this would have been 2002) and how I really should purchase a new one. Ummm… maybe I could afford a new one if I wasn’t supporting your son! They also commented on our first apartment, which was a small reasonably priced one bedroom apartment. They said it was a “dump”. It was NOT a dump by any stretch of the imagination. It was really sweet and super clean! Anyway, we eventually moved to a really nice, huge, pricey apartment downtown. Of course, they (and my ex) loved it. I was still the sole bread-winner and because of that stupid apartment I got myself into much debt. It angers me when I think about that stupid mistake. I remember crying to my sister before getting the place because I was worried about the rent (it was almost three times the price of our first place)… but my ex absolutely wanted it and I folded.

So all of these thoughts make me wonder… am I cheap? I don’t like debt and refuse to buy “stuff” to keep up with the Jones. I’m a student, I own a house and other than good debt such as my student loan and mortgage I am virtually debt-free. Plus, if everything goes as planned I will graduate with only my tuition to pay off. How many people can say that? So why am I worried that my house is not up to snuff?

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I just need to share my happy news!

I got a 70% on my physics exam. I know 70 is not amazing, but I just passed my last physics exam so 70 is rockin'! I also got a 94% on my nutrition exam! I’m so proud of myself. :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can still make it!

I just got home from a meeting with the Dean of science and it couldn’t have gone better. Every time I meet with this guy, he is so completely reassuring and encouraging! I just love him.

It turns out that, even if I fail math this semester, all is not lost. I can still repeat math next semester and do the follow-up class in the spring session and still be considered for entrance in my second year. YAY! What a freakin’ relief. Plus, I don’t have to redo my chemistry lab as I previously thought.

He talked to me about the selection process and how it works. Interviews are done in May and everyone who applies for the second year and has at least 2.5 GPA gets an interview. The interview committee does not get to see the interviewees GPA so their scoring and comments are completely unbiased. PHEW! You see, this was worrying me a bit because my sister works as a Lab Tech and is privy to certain information on the interview processes. Nothing secret, mind you, but since the University offers three applied technology programs (lab tech, respiratory therapy and radiology tech), we can assume the selection processes are similar. In years past, the interview committee would not meet with anyone with a GPA under 3.0. This is worrisome because although I’ve had a 3.0 average in the past, I’m not sure it’s achievable this year given my long absence from academia. Anyway, the Dean reassured me that the interview committee will be scoring solely on the interview… and let’s be honest, I will totally rock that interview! :-) After the interview is complete, the committee then combines the interview score with the GPA (each is worth 50% or the overall score) and if you make the top 9, you’re in. Since I would still be missing a math class, they would see that I’m registered for the spring session and I would receive a conditional acceptance. Voilà!

So all is not lost and I still have a chance to complete my wacky journey in three years. YAY!

Oh, and I’ve also purchased Trig for Dummies. Hah! So far it’s really simple, but as I progress through the book I’ll be catching up on some tougher theories. Let’s hope it’s enough to get me through.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today, I went for a run! Not a marathon or a half-marathon or even a 5-k, but at least I R-A-N. I haven’t laced up my sneakers since the day my brother passed-away 6 months ago. I really don’t know why I haven’t been able to run… but it’s just something I couldn’t bring myself to do since that day. I guess everyone grieves in a different way.

I’m just so happy I was finally able to do it. I even have a cold right now and ran. Wheeee! Let’s just hope it sticks with me for a while. Not the cold, but the running.

Friday, November 9, 2007

F is for... Freedom?

After finding myself in the math department bathroom sobbing like crazy for the third time this month, I made a decision. I need help with this freakin’ calculus. I need to go back in time and relearn a whole bunch of stuff from high school or I’m never going to get it.

So, after much reflexion I’ve decided to abandon my math class and finish with an F. I just can’t see how it’s humanly possible to pass at this point when I can’t seem to understand any of my homework. Plus, going to see the prof ever other day asking questions and getting answers that leave me bawling in the bathroom is just not working. I’m simply missing too much of the basics.

For the next two months I will be doing my best to relearn grade 12 math. I’ve got several of my father’s old books and have started studying during the time I had reserved for my university calculus class.

This means I might not be eligible for the radiology program in September 2008. It hurts me to think I might have to add on another year because of one stupid class, but such is life. I’ll be re-taking my current math class in January and will do the second required math class in the spring. There is still a chance I’ll be able to apply for the program, but I won’t know for sure until I meet with the Program Director next week. Whatever the outcome may be, I’m ready to accept it and deal with the consequences when they arrive. Like they say; Everything happens for a reason, right?

The search for the next great roommate

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but one of my roommates (the plumber) moved out a few weeks ago. It sucks because he was such a great guy. However, he was only in town 5 days a week and his wife and three kids were still living on PEI. He traveled each week and only got to see his family on the weekends. So he recently got a new job and moved back to the Island. I am really happy for him, but at the same time, wish I still had that great roomie.

So in the past few weeks I’ve been advertising for a new roommate. So far, the candidates have been few and far between. Plus, most of them are… well, strange.

Candidate number 1

This was by far the most normal person to view the room. However, she was disappointed that she couldn’t move ALL her furniture into my house. I told her I wouldn’t have any problem with her storing extra furniture in the basement if she needed to. Well, turns out that ALL her furniture is actually all her furniture and her former roommates furniture which consists of two of everything… kinda like Noah’s Ark: two beds, two dining sets, two sofas, two bureaus, two computer desks. Ugh. My house isn’t that big chicky!

Candidate number 2 – We’ll call her the roommate stalker

The conversation went a little something like this:

Roommate Stalker: Hi. You have a room for rent?
Me: yes… I proceed to explain all the prince includes.
Roommate Stalker: I see. How many people live there?
Me: 3… with the additional person it would be 4.
Roommate Stalker: Well, what I’m really looking for is a house with all girls because were I live now I’m getting really lonely and I really want to make some new friends.
Me: euhhhhh
Roommate Stalker: So is it all girls who live there?
Me: ummm, yeah….
Roommate Stalker: Excellent! Really I just want some friends. I’m just getting so horribly depressed these days. Say you and I can go for a coffee tonight, where we can discuss life and girlie things.
Me: euhhhh… I have to study tonight
Roommate Stalker: Then Friday will be our night for coffee! I live at xxx street. You can come over around 7:00 and we’ll have coffee. So I’ll see you then?
Me: ummmm… I gotta go, I have a class.

Candidate number 3 – We’ll call him the guy in a movie who totally creeps you out. He’s the one that makes you yell at the scream to the girl at the door: “Don’t let him in! Don’t let him in!”

As soon as I talk to him on the phone I knew he was just plain off.
When he arrives to view the room he’s all fidgety and weird. I give him a 14.2 second tour of the house. All I want to do is get rid of this guy as soon as possible. When he’s in the living room he says, can I poke your couch? And then walks over to the couch and pokes it with his finger like he’s testing out the firmness. He looks back at me and seems satisfied with the couch’s firmness and says: yes, I’ll take it. So I decided this dude needs to leave NOW so I make up a story that someone else saw the place between the time he called and showed up and that I have promised the room to them first. I tell him this other person will let me know tomorrow if they want it or not. He seems disappointed and looks back at the couch. Does this guy think he would be sleeping on the couch? I tell him I’ll call him to let him know if it is available or not. I just left him a message letting him know that my fictitious person has decided to take the place.

There has to be a normal roomie out there, right?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good God! 23%?

I’m still in shock over my math exam results: 23... and yes, that was on a 100! Even if it had been out of 50 it would still suck. Hah! At first it was laughable… ridiculous almost. I’ve never scored so low in my life! Now, panic has started to set in. I need to score an 80 on the final to pass. Ugh. An 80! It just seems unattainable. :-( Over the last few days I’ve been going through so many emotions: sadness, panic, frustration. If I don’t pass I don’t know if I can still make up the class in the spring and still get into Radiology. If I can’t it means an extra year. You know what’s silly? The reason the extra year worries me is not because of the extra cost or the extra time studying… it’s because I’ll be 35 when I graduate which means, I can’t get pregnant until I’m 36 because I want to get at least a year in before I go on maternity leave… which means I wouldn’t have my first child until I’m 37 and that doesn’t leave much room to have a second child. Isn’t it the silliest thing ever? I don’t even have a boyfriend! I’ve barely had a date in the last year! Yet, this is what I obsess about. So, between my panic and worry, I try to let go and have faith that it is all going to work out.

Anyway, I'm meeting with the program director in a few weeks (it was the earliest he could meet with me) to review my credits and to see what my options would be should I not pass math. One positive thing, he and his secretary both remembered me from my meeting last summer and were both glad to see I had joined the program.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Think Pink – Think Money

I went to Business Depot earlier this week and saw their new collection of think pink merchandise: staplers, pens, binders, folders, tape dispensers, you name it! I was instantly attracted to the display because I like pink and I like to support breast cancer research. I bought a pack of two pens. Plain papermate pens – but pink. It cost me four bucks!! I went back to check how much money was going to breast cancer research. A dollar from any pink product sold would go to breast cancer research… no matter what the price of the product. However, after looking around for the price of similar products that weren’t pink I found that the think pink stuff was often 2 to 6 dollars more!

Social issues have become the new marketing campaign. I wouldn’t have bought those pens had they not been for breast cancer research. And, although the research got my measly dollar, Corporate America got the rest.

Later in the day I went to Zellers and started noticing just how many think pink things there are: pillows, candy, watches, soap, CDs, etc. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Of course, I’m glad money is going for research but I can’t help but feel these companies aren’t donating the money out of the goodness of their hearts. Most of them are jacking up the price to cover the donation and then some. And we are buying into it.

So next time you see a think pink item and are about to buy it just so your dollar will go to breast cancer research… stop and think… then take the money it would have cost you to buy the product and donate it to your local breast cancer research.