Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little late… but I’m Mrs Perfect now!

I realise I’m a month late but here is my update! I started writing out a detailed description of the day, but never got around to completing so here is the summarized version:

It was awesome!

Ok... a few more details:
- I was super calm all day – all that planning and organising really paid off
- The morning of was spent getting ready with my sisters and mom... and except for a panicking mom, things were awesome. I did have a slight wardrobe malfunction which sent my mom into a tizzy. My sisters couldn’t close my dress... even with the corset back - but it was only a safety pined that had been added by the dry cleaners. Once the pin was removed (about 20 minutes of motherly panic later) everything was perfect. The entire time I was as cool as a cucumber (thank you anti-depressants :-P)

- I loved, loved, loved the ceremony! I mean, I knew I would enjoy it, but I never expected to love every second as much as I did. The entire thing lasted almost 30 minutes (which is awesome for a civil ceremony) and we included personal readings and a ring warming ceremony. I also walked in alone and Pierre met me about ¾ of the way down the aisle. I wanted it to symbolically represent that this was a journey we were taking together.
- I was so overly happy at the ceremony it was completely ridiculous! I was all smiles and giddiness
- I walked in to “At Last” by Etta James. The music started and just when she says Aaaaaaat Laaaaaaast... my nephew and niece opened the doors and there I am in all my glorious beauty. :) It was perfect. Pierre told me I took his breath away when he first saw me.
- At the end we walked out to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and the fun, bouncy music was just perfect for the way I was feeling
- After, we were lucky enough too great our guests as they were coming out since the sun was trying to come out.

- We had a desert reception with a dozen different decadent cakes and fancy desserts. Everyone loved it!
- We also had a photo booth that Pierre built for the occasion and I think it’s what made the ceremony go from awesome to kick-ass awesome. Hah!
- We didn’t have a traditional first dance, instead, we invited all married couples to join us for our first dance (this was not an easy task-grr). After a few minutes we sat down while the other continued to dance. Every 10 seconds or so, our MCs would ask he couples who have been married less than 5, 10, 15 years, etc to sit down until the oldest married couple was left standing. The couple had been married 54 years! I then gave a bouquet to that couple and one to the runner-up (53 years).
- We didn’t have speeches or a bouquet/garter toss and the atmosphere was more party-like than wedding... which is exactly what we wanted
- The decorator didn’t really do much... especially since I had supplied so much of the stuff myself, but I didn’t care at that point

Overall, I was so happy to see my wacky ideas and DIY projects come together. Throughout the planning I had some eye-rolling from my Mom and could see the question marks forming on peoples’ foreheads when I discussed my ideas (DIY bouquets, decor, hair fascinator, jewelry and photo booth, non-traditional first dance, no speeches, no bouquet/garter toss, dessert reception, no veil, green shoes, peacock feathers in my bouquet and hair). But when it came together – God it was perfect!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the pictures - and LOTS of them!

Here you can see a preview of our pro pics:
Pro pics!

Here are some non-pro pics. They aren't in any specific order

The "R" on my bouquet is for my father Raymond. He passed-away when I was 17 and that was his hankerchief. The tree is our guest book... people added their thumb prints and signed their name.

We also had an awesome photobooth that Mr Perfect built and here are some of my favorites:

All the pictures printed out like so:

I cropped out the thank yous on these ones:

We realised at the end of the evening that we didn't even have our picture taken in the photobooth together... so we're calling this one our official photobooth picture: