Saturday, November 26, 2011

More waiting

After a year of trying, we finally had our initial appointment with the fertility clinic yesterday. I think I had so much hope that we would get all the answers yesterday, that I was crushed when they said: let’s do some more testing in the next few months and then see. Ugh. We’ve done all the testing! Now we have to pay the clinic to redo them all over again. As well, since it’s the holidays soon, the delay might be even longer. Frack. The waiting sucks. It’s already been 5 months since my first appointment with the gynecologist and now we’re talking about an extra 2-3 months. In the meantime, the doctor told us to make sure our timing was right and that maybe it would take. Yeah, cause we haven’t been doing that already. The tests we’ve done have revealed no abnormalities… the only issue is the extra loud ticking time clock ringing in my ear. I’ll be 36 in a little over 2 months and can’t help but worry we will never have enough time to have more than one kid.