Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well aren’t YOU funny?

So far, things are going really well with my roommates/tenants. For the most part, I’m alone most of the time. The engineer is here maybe 7 days a month, the teacher has a busy social life and the plumber goes to PEI every weekend. Most days it’s like I live on my own... but I get paid for it!

Yesterday I had a great chat with J. the plumber. We had supper together which is a rarity. I think it’s the first time I actually ate at the same time as one of my roomies! He told me he thought I didn’t eat. Hah! Fooled him! We’ve all gotten comfortable to the point were we can tease each other. J. calls me the room hermit because I’m always in my room studying. He told me yesterday he thought I was OCD because I would constantly put things back into their rightful place… rightful place according to me, of course. He noticed this when I refolded the dishcloth the way I like it. It’s important to only fold it once because if it’s folded in four and it’s wet, then it won’t dry as well. 8-) Yes, I’m a geek. Anyway, he admitted that since then he does stuff to mess with me. He moves things out of their rightful place to see if I’ll put them back. Hah! Apparently I’m pretty good about putting things back. I missed a few things so he was happy to say I’m not as OCD as he once thought. Hah! I sooooo need to figure out a way to get back at him!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still single in the city

Well, the French prof replied to my email. Roughly translated he said, "thank you for the invitation, but my functions prohibit me from enjoying these types of pleasures. Good luck in your studies".

Blarg. I'm glad he finally wrote back... but now I kinda feel like a stalker student. *sigh* I guess such is life.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My favourite spot

I love to sit on the steps of my little patio. It has to be the most wonderful place in the world! I sit there when I need a little break and want to enjoy the sun for a bit. My backyard is so quiet and peaceful – I love it! I love my house.

The best seat in the house... er out of the house.

My beautiful backyard

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Méli-mélo: French word meaning mish mash or jumble. Today’s post is a méli-mélo of information.

I missed a class today. I MISSED A CLASS! Gah! I feel like such a delinquent. :-( Thank goodness it was only chemistry… but still. Chemistry would be third on my list of “challenging classes” with physics and math tied for first. I guess I must have been tired because I somehow turned off my alarm when it rang and slept till 9:30 am (class was at 8:30). My next class is at 1:30 and I have been lazing around all morning instead of studying. I feel guilty about it, but not guilty enough to actually do something constructive.

Going to school is exhausting. Owning a house and going to school is even more exhausting, when I get home from class, I have the choice of studying, cutting the lawn, cleaning the kitchen or more studying. I wish I didn’t have to work part-time. It really cuts into my downtime… in fact it eliminates my downtime. I relish the days of being able to vedge on a Saturday morning with my big cup of coffee and my favourite online magazine.

What I really need is a non-student boy to either support me financially or be my housemaid. Since I can’t even find ONE respectable date, the chances of finding my very own boy toy are slim to none. Speaking of dates, I asked my French professor out. It’s not what you think; he’s no longer my professor. I found out last Friday that I had been exempted from taking French 1933. Yay! Which means that instead of doing French 1913 AND French 1933, I would only have French 1913 to do. This is a big relief, however, it also meant I wouldn’t get to see my cute French prof anymore. I decided I would attempt to ask him out. Although Dr. Couz told me I should intercept him in person and ask him out then, I just couldn’t do it so I sent him an email. Essentially, I advised him I would no longer be taking his class because of my exemption and was somewhat happy because it meant I could now ask him out for coffee. Of course, I said this in my most eloquent French. He hasn’t responded which means one of two things: a) he has a girlfriend or b) he’s afraid of the creepy stalker-student. Either way, it’s a bust.

I have to admit, I feel really lonely lately. It seems all I do is study and work… but that’s not really why I feel lonely. Even if I had some free time I wouldn’t have too many people to share it with. All of my real friends live outside of New Brunswick and the one friend I do have in Moncton is busy with an exciting life of her own. She’s married and expecting her first child next month. She has also said that, as an adult, she doesn’t feel the need for friends as she did when she was younger. She has her husband and her family and that’s enough for her. She feels seeing her friends maybe once a month is sufficient for her. Of course, I don’t think she was realizing what she was telling me when she was saying it… it was just a casual conversation about growing up and how life changes. So, to her, I’m like her period… something you see once a month.

These days, my social circle doesn’t extend much beyond my gene pool. My sisters are my best-friends and probably the only people I socialize with… oh, and my mom too. I know this is me complaining about being “alone” again, but it’s really hard. :-( I so wish I had someone to share my life with. The thought of coming home into the loving arms of a boyfriend/husband sounds so completely comforting to me these days. I wish my life wasn’t measured in pre-Mike and post-Mike time frames (Mike being my ex of course). I often measure my life in post-Mike years. We’ve been broken up for almost four years (it’ll be four years January 1) and I still count the years. Four freakin’ years and I have yet to be in love or in a relationship that has any potential for going somewhere. In these four years I’ve had lots of short lived dating adventures and one six-month relationship. Four years is half the amount of time we were together and yet I can’t move beyond validating my life on pre-Mike and post-Mike. Ugh. I really don’t get it. I’m cute. I’m smart. I’m a total catch – yet I’m still single. Why?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Point Form

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted! Blogging is much more challenging when you don’t spend 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer. I keep thinking of things I want to write, but by the time I have a few minutes it has been replaced by mathematical equations.

Life as a student
Since it’s been so long since I posted and, let’s face it, I don’t have much time as I have to study, I’ll make this point form.
• I’m definitely a fish out of water. Everyone looks to me like they are freshman… that’s probably because a fourth year student would still only be 21. Gah!

• I keep hoping to run into cute masters or doctoral boys, but I haven’t seen too many that have that grad look.

• Even though I did most of my French classes way back when, I have to do them again. Ugh. This is a total piss off. However… there is a positive side note on profs below. :-)

• Most of my classes are killing me and leave me scratching my head in confusion. I haven’t done any advanced calculus, physics or chemistry in 12 years… the terminology seems familiar, but I can’t always figure out what the words mean. It's like trying to recall a language you once spoke.

• Like Barbie once said: “Math is hard”

• I’ve taken out my Dad’s old math books (he used to teach high school math) and have started refreshing my memory on basic information. I’m currently relearning grade 11 math… I should be caught up to University math by the end of the year. :-P

• Trying to figure out how to organize my time to optimize my studying has been a challenge. I can’t say I’m quite in the swing of things yet.

• It’s hard to even imagine having a dating life when the only guys you find even remotely interesting are your professors. Some professors, like my French professor, you find very interesting. I’d say he is about 28 or 29 and quite cute.

Life as a homeowner
• Things are finally starting to fall into place.

• My living room is painted and art has been hung up

• The space feels more welcoming every day

• Pictures to come eventually.

• My room is advancing nicely and I only have some sewing to do and a bit of construction work. More to come on that at a later date.

Life as a landlord
• My three roommates have all moved in

• So far, everyone seems to be getting along

• We’ve had a few “full house” moments when everyone is here, but for the most part, it’s very quiet

Life as a waitress
• I did my first shift at Cora’s on Saturday. Let’s say it didn’t go too well. My shoes were extremely slippery which caused me enormous issues. Think Bambi on ice.

• I slipped and fell face first once (I have the bruises to prove it)

• I slipped with a pot of coffee once

• I slipped and loss my balance once causing a plate and glass to go crashing to the floor

• All these slips were in front of the same table, with the same clients, causing one girl to scream out: Jesus Christ! Someone put something on the floor!

• On the way home from work, I hit a bunny on the highway. :-(

• When I got home I was praying said bunny wasn’t squished on the front of my car. Thank God it wasn’t.

• Sunday was much better. I had the right shoes so I felt like I could conquer the world!