Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ex Makes an Appearance

My Mother went to the hairdresser yesterday and while she was having her hair shampooed she heard a familiar voice saying, “Are you going to cut it all off? Die it red?” She looked up to see my ex being his usual joking self. My ex sees to the same hairdresser as my mother. Yes, you heard that right – they have same stylist (can you see why at one point I questioned whether he might be gay?)

Anyway, he seem very jovial and back to his hyper self. I was happy to hear this because the other times my Mom has run into him he appeared somewhat morose. I would much rather he be happy in life as it alleviates the guilt… well not too happy. :-P My Mom said he was looking rather bum-ish which is unusual as he is very concerned about his looks. He had long hair and a big beard. Of course, he made sure to point out to the hairdresser not to cut too much off since his girlfriend likes it long. Obviously, mentioning the girlfriend was very much for my Mom’s benefit, knowing full well she would report back to me.

I didn’t know he had a new girlfriend. I’m happy he has found someone else, but I’m always fearful that he will get married and/or have kids before me. I know it’s not a competition, but I still would feel like I had lost the fictional game that is being played in my head.

He asked about me and seemed genuinely happy that I was doing well. My mother was ready to tell him I had the most wonderful boyfriend should he ask, but the subject didn’t come up. My Mom cracks me up!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I always imagined it would last longer.

Last Thursday I had my interview… the interview I had been waiting and preparing for since September – the interview that will determine if I get into the radiology program or not.

It went really well, I couldn’t have answered any question better, but I left feeling like I didn’t really wow them. I’ve had job interviews were, the moment I left I knew they were impressed. I just didn’t get that “Oh yeah, they loved me feeling”. I guess you could say I was perhaps over prepared. The entire interview lasted less than 40 minutes and I had material for a good 2 hours of talking! Since I was so prepared, I was also hoping for a tougher interview that would leave other applicants squirming.

They said the decisions would be made soon and they would be sending out letters next week. I figure I should know by the first week of June. At this point, my gut is telling me I didn’t get in. I’m not being negative, it’s just the feeling I have. My gut has been wrong before so let’s hope it is wrong this time as well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Smart Guy in Class

For those of you who haven’t followed my calculus saga, it went a little like this:
Calculus version 1 – I had know idea what was going on and abandoned the class about two thirds of the way through
Calculus version 2 – Things were much clearer and I definitely understood most of the concepts but still failed by a few points.
Calculus version 3 – So far classes are so boringly simple since most of the information I’ve already done twice. Ugh.

Last semester (version 2), I had a couple guys in my class who knew all the answers. They knew how to do the work before the prof even explained the concept! They amazed me and I thought they must be very intelligent. Fast forward to calculus version 3 – this time, I’m the one with all the answers and most classes seem to be a individual discussion between the professor and I as no one else participates. It finally hit me; the guys in my last class weren’t smart! They were just taking the class for the third time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TMI: Too. Much. Information.

I have a very chatty neighbour. I’ve been here 9 months and I’ve only discovered this valuable piece of information recently. My neighbour George (or Georgie) is an elderly man who, for the longest time, looked like he never talked to anyone. I would see him on his porch wrapped up in a blanket and couldn’t even get a wave from him. I didn’t mind, though, because I’m not a chatty person myself.

A few weeks ago I set out to clean the yard and saw Georgie on the other side of the fence doing the same. He was standing there staring at me and I made the mistake of say Hi, How are you? Really. Bad. Idea. His first answer was: “they might have to amputate my toe”. Having never talked to the man, I had no idea what he was going on about. He went on to tell me he had been off work since last August because they had to amputate his small toe. He has diabetes and therefore poor circulation. Now, they might have to amputate another toe. Then the once-sided conversation went on and on for an hour! I stood there nodding my head, praying for it to be over with soon. Among other things he told me:
- He works at the hospital cleaning floors but is currently on disability
- He wants to retire but needs to know if he could still make $1400 a month once retired.
- His insurance will cost him $350 once he retires
- He has an appointment at the optometrist on Thursday, a doctor’s appointment Monday morning, an appointment at the bank on Friday.
- He walked to the store that morning to buy six 2 litre bottles of diet Pepsi. He has diet Pepsi with every meal. He has to have diet because he’s diabetic.
- He’s had surgeries in the past.
- He’s circumcised
- He doesn’t drive and his wife’s mother drives him and his wife everywhere
- My patio was built about 8 years ago.
- My kitchen is really cold
- The fence on the other side of my property is mine
- The neighbourhood cat is called blackout

And on and on it went! I tried to leave several times saying, well, I better get back to work, but the talking just kept on going. I finally managed to break myself away. I figured it was because he was tired of standing.

Georgie has become a serious liability! I have to scan outside before heading out for fear I might get caught in another uncomfortable conversation. I’ve been caught twice since the initial meeting and just can’t afford another run-in with him! Gah! I have yard work to do!