Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Human Pincushion Experiment

Well, the injections have begun and this whole process is actually happening. I gave myself my first injection of drug A (Suprefact) on Tuesday and so far, so good. I’ve given myself 5 injections so far and only have 62 injections left! Yeehaw! I’ll continue drug A for another week and will then add two more drugs: B (Gonal-F) and C (Luveris). By then I’ll be on 5 injections/day.

I’ve been dealing with everything pretty well, although Mr Perfect says I have some serious mood swings. I’m not sure he’s right, but I was high as a kite when he picked me up from work the other days and then bawling 15 minutes later... but I’m still not convinced. :-P

Work is still going ok, although I had a really rough time last week.  I’m glad I’m only working a short week this week. I needed a break!

Pacha’s surgery is set for next Wednesday so I’ll be sure to update you on her progress. I’m pretty confident it’s all going to go smoothly.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bentley the Fortune Teller

So yesterday I got home a few hours later than usual and Bentley decided he would entertain himself during the long wait with my tarot cards:

I had someone I know from a web forum interpret the spread and this is what she came up with:

A dearly held dream is coming to fruitition. Your strength as a unified couple is imperitive as it will be tested in the coming days. There will be a future challenge that will be overcome despite delays. While you may think it is strictly down to you to acomplish this goal, look to your partner also... he plays a larger role in the success of your endevour than first thought. Don't feel alone... there are many who have travelled on this path. However, don't forget to lean on your partner more heavily in the days to come, he can take it. The outcome is delightful... a happy change and a huge step forward.

She has no idea we are doing IVF. I think I'm going to rent out my puppy for readings lol

Poor little Pacha

My poor little girl needs to have surgery. :-( I found 2 growths on her back which the doctor thinks are likely cysts... but could possibly be tumours. Either way, they need to come out.  She’s going under on February 29. 

She's taking the news very well:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Méli-Mélo

Wow! I haven’t posted in almost a month! I realise I was a bit of a Debbie Downer in my last post, but things have gotten better. Since my last post, I’ve become a little more positive about everything. So here is an update on all things Changa

Life as a busted babymaker
A few weeks ago we got our official IVF dates. Yay! I’m feeling pretty good about the entire thing. After my last freak out session I stopped thinking about all the negative “what ifs” because it was making me crazy. Instead, I’ve been focusing on the positive and letting myself get excited at the possibility of being pregnant soon. I realise I might be setting myself up for a major let down, but I feel much better focusing on the positive. When I was trying to prepare myself for the possibility of the IVF not working, I was constantly in a panic mode... with a positive outlook, there is no more hyperventilating, no more crying and my husband doesn’t have to deal with my crazies every other day. :-)

We’ll be going to an information session on Monday at the clinic where we’ll learn how to understand the wonky calendar we have to follow, how to mix and inject drugs and how the whole thing is going to go down. I’m excited to finally have all the information. I find we haven’t been told much. What information we received was on the same day we got the diagnosis and there’s no way you can integrate all this complex info when all you can focus on is not crying. Thank goodness for great friends like Chelle and JL who have been wonderful at filling in the blanks. Thanks to Chelle, I realized I needed to take some time off work… which my new boss has been really great about. She actually changed my shifts around so I wouldn’t have to use my sick days. I only have 7 sick days and I would have needed about 5, sp I’m really glad she was able to do that for me.

After the information session I start injections on February 21 for about two weeks. Then, on March 4 I’ll a whole bunch of new drugs to the regiment in preparation for the egg retrieval on March 15. Finally, we’re looking at an embryo(s) transfer on either March 18 or March 20. Looks like we might have some good news in April!

Life as an oncology nurse
I’m on my third week at the oncology department and so far, so good. I really miss my little babes and all the great friends I made in peds, but I’m surviving. Many of the nurses I work with have young children and 2 are a few months pregnant. That could be a really wonderful thing if we get pregnant or really disappointing thing if IVF doesn’t work. We just have to wait and see.