Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The drugs are good

I haven’t been feeling very well for the last few months. I’ve had almost constant heart burn and regular nausea. I saw my doctor last week who prescribed a medication to help with the heart burn. The drug is like a miracle worker! No nausea. No heart burn. It’s awesome! But now, I’m faced with a new problem... I can eat anything. Uh Oh. This is so not good! Must. Eat. Healthy.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never a straight road

I think you’ve come to expect I don’t do things the easy way. In fact, I’m fairly certain "complicated" was supposed to be my middle name (the priest must have changed it when I was baptised). I’m supposed to do the accelerated nursing program come Fall. That means when I start in September, I don’t stop until I graduate in December 2010. To be accepted into the accelerated program, you must have a 2.5 average or higher (check), complete all your electives (check) and complete your statistics class (pending) before the end of the fall semester. I was supposed to do the stats class in the Fall on Monday evenings, but the class is no longer being offered in the evenings... and now it doesn’t fit in my schedule. :-(

I sent a quick email to my director who responded to me while he was on vacation. Apparently I’m not the only person who was depending on that class. He said they might be able to make an exception because I’m so cute (actually, I don’t think it was because of my cuteness, but let’s pretend). I still have to do the class, of course, but I might be able to squeeze it in during the 2010 Spring or Fall semester. Keep your fingers crossed. The accelerated program cuts out an entire semester of school (and debt).

In other news, I had a small financial freak out yesterday. I didn’t have enough money and was ready to sell my Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection. Yes. You read right: I was willing to part with Buffy. Luckily, the pawn shop would only offer me a few bucks for each box set so I just couldn’t do it. Complete blasphemy, I tell you! This is Buffy! It’s a classic. Since then, all my financial problems have been solved as my new roommate unexpectedly moved in today and has already paid his rent for the rest of July and August. Phew. Let’s hope he’s as wonderful as my other roommate who isn’t a decomposing cadaver by the way, but appears to be staying with someone else. She periodically shows up to wash clothes and pick up a few things. Best. Roommate. Evah!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The case of the missing roommate

I haven’t seen my newest roommate in about a week. Her car hasn’t moved and her toothbrush is still in its toothbrush holder. Should I be worried? I don’t know much about her, but from what she told me she needed a room to rent because she broke-up with her boyfriend and wanted to move out of his place. I guess it’s possible she has a new boyfriend and is staying with him... it just seems a little odd. Don’t get me wrong, I love the peace and quiet, I’m just a little concerned. I guess if my house starts smelling like decomposing flesh I’ll go check her room for a body.

In other news, I have found a second roommate. I actually haven’t met him yet, but he called on Sunday saying he wanted to rent the room as he was moving from Halifax. He gave me references and sent the damage deposit via email transfer immediately. I usually go with my gut when choosing a roommate so it’s a bit of a challenge when I haven’t met the person. Let’s just hope that if he turns out to be a crazy killer that someone will check for my body!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mid-Summer Update

I don’t feel like my life has been all that exciting/funny lately so there hasn’t been much to update. However, since I feel guilty when I don’t post, here is my mid-summer méli-mélo.

- Finished my clinical work last week and it all went very well. My final mark was a B+, which is really good for clinical, but I was really hoping for an A
- Started work in the EEG department at the hospital. It’s very relaxed and not too stressful. It’s nice to not have to use my brain all that much. The down side is that I’m losing 5 days of work because they don’t have enough money in their budget for me. Oh well. I guess it’s just more vacation for me.
- The hole in my ceiling is almost completely repaired. Mr. Perfect and I covered it with drywall last week and he’ll be back this weekend to do the patch work. What a freakin’ mess that drywall! My entire house is covered in a white dusty film. Ugh.
- Pacha has decided she is no longer housetrained and is now peeing on a daily basis while I’m at work. Weird dog.
- My newest roommate seems to be ok. I like the fact that she’s rarely here. :-) I’m still on the search for a second roommate. *sigh*
- I did a prenatal class in preparation for my clinical work in obstetrics. It was awesome! I totally reinforced the fact that I would love to work in Obstetrics.
- I got a sneak peak at my Fall schedule and, so far, it looks like I’ll have Friday’s off. Wheee!

I guess that’s about it for now.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary Pacha!

A year ago today I drove to Halifax to meet my new best friend. I remember it was Canada Day when I went to meet with Pacha’s (then Sofia) former owner. She was so calm and looked so sad. I was convinced I had gotten a chronically depressed pup. Since then, she has blossomed into an adorable little klutz who makes me laugh on a daily basis. For your enjoyment, here is a year of the Pacha:

The first day in her new home

Pacha discovers the belly rub

Pacha vs Blackout the evil neighbourhood cat

Happy Halloween!

Confirmation that she is in fact a dog - as she digs a hole in the mud

Merry Christmas!

Stylin' in her winter coat

Pacha meets her new cousin Jazz

Party Pacha!

Having an afternoon snooze while I study

Pacha meets Dixy

Finally, a picture one year later