Thursday, September 29, 2011

Those are some nice looking Fallopian tubes you got there

I had my HSG test yesterday and everything went really well. It didn’t even hurt – yay! I got the results right away and everything looks great! Yay! Mr Perfect even got me a cake:
To be fair, I started the cake trend when his test results came back perfect:
My follow-up appointment with the gynaecologist is on October 24, so for now it’s more waiting. Overall, it’s good news... Only... I feel a little sad. It’s silly, I know, but if everything is perfect, why can’t we get pregnant? It’s frustrating not having an answer, you know? Things aren’t moving fast enough for me either. I hate that we have to wait another month to find out what happens next. She has the results – why can’t she just refer us to the fertility clinic?