Monday, December 21, 2009

I’m a total BAAAAABe!

I’m a Babe with lots of As because those are my final marks for the semester: one B, one B+, one A- and four As! Yippppeeeee! My only “disappointment” is my B in paediatrics. The class was killer and even though I spent the most time studying for that class, I just couldn’t bump up that score. Plus, I am 0.25 away from a B+... so close, yet so far!

Before Mr. Perfect moved in, he was worried he would influence my studies. Turns out he DID have an influence on my studies, but in a positive way with my best semester ever. I finished with a 3.7 GPA which is equivalent to an A-. I totally rocked this semester!

Unfortunately, my vacation will be short lived as I just got an email this morning advising me that I have two exams on January 7 with about a 100 pages to read and study. As a bonus, I need a 90% to pass each exam. Yehaw! Such is the life of a student. I'm still going to spend a few days in my PJs. Humph

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pity Post.

Back in October I got a call from Public Health offering me a job at immunization clinics. As a bonus, they said they would be paying me the salary of a REAL nurse. I was ecstatic! I could make more money there in 6 weeks than I could make working at Cora’s for 4 months! So what did I do? I accepted the job and immediately quit Cora’s. A few days after I quit, I find out I won’t be getting paid the same as a nurse, but the salary is comparable to Cora’s so I don’t care. Well, fast forward a few weeks and the vaccination debacle began. They cancel my first shift because they don’t have enough vaccines. I haven’t received any shifts since... and don’t have any money coming in. In the meantime, I applied for EI. Normally, students don’t qualify for EI, but the provincial government was offering some sort of partnership that let us apply. I figured, if I could get EI I wouldn’t have to work for my last year. Taking 7 classes per semester AND working every weekend is just exhausting! The thought of having my weekends to study sounded completely dreamy. Well, I just got a message from EI saying I don’t qualify because I don’t have enough hours. FUCK! I’m so upset right now! I don’t want to go back to Cora’s. The idea of having to work every weekend is making me nauseous.

I know I have to start looking for a job stat before the money runs out, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I know I could go back to Cora’s in an instant, but that would be my very last resort. Can you please send me happy job vibes so I can find a job with a decent salary where I could work one day a week that doesn't make me want to slit my wrists?