Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another update

I was in the middle of writing a post Christmas Eve about my glorious day off when I was called into work. Bah! So if you haven’t had an update on my life you can blame Cora’s. :-)

So here is a quick recap of my life in the last 10 days

Work. Work.
It seems it’s all I’ve been doing lately. I finished my exams, had two days off and since then have only had Christmas off. At least the tips are pretty sweet this time of year. It looks like I’ll be getting a few days off next week. Gah! I soooo need it

The Holly-Days
I officially boycotted Christmas Eve. There aren’t any major family activities on Christmas Eve and since I got called into work I ended up cleaning and getting ready for Christmas day activities instead of going to visit anyone. I know, it sounds horrible, but I was so much happier to be in my PJs, getting ready for the big day than doing the rounds and feeling stressed about the work that needed to be done at work.

Family Ties
I hosted the Christmas dinner and I have to say it went swimmingly! There weren’t any hissy fits or crying spells or even any guilt trips. I swear, it’s like it wasn’t even Christmas! Mystery airport guy came over for dessert and got to meet the family. He passed the family test with flying colours… everyone loved him. As well, he appears to have come ahead in a comparison chart with previous boys I’ve brought home, so things look good.

Mystery Airport Guy
Things are still going well. We’ve been dating for almost a month now and I can’t complain. I’m still very hesitant, but I’ll stay on for the ride as long as he makes me happy. He really is a sweetheart and actually bought me the Buffy season 3 box set at a boxing-day sale because he knew I wanted it and wouldn’t be able to get it because I was working. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 where on sale for $15!!! Craziness! Oh! And I also bought seasons 5 and 7 because they were on super sale right before Christmas. Now I’m only missing seasons 4 and 6. Wheeeee! Oh yeah, back to mystery airport guy. Like I’ve said, I’m still hesitant, but trying not to analyse everything. I’ve avoided adding his phone number to my contacts list for fear that it might jinx things. :-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Update post

Since there isn’t much excitement these days, I figured a quick update would be the way to go.

- Still dating mystery airport guy. It’s been a whole two weeks. Hah! Tonight will be our 5th date. Things are going well, but now the big question remains… do I get him a Christmas gift and if so what? Do I invite him to Christmas dinner where he will be introduced to my wacky family for the first time? So many questions! I think it’s going to be a last minute decision. Stores are still open Christmas Eve, right?
- Finished my exams yesterday and now I have 19 days of freedom (and work at Cora’s)
- I’ve started planning the menu for Christmas dinner… did I mention I’ll be playing hostess this year? My Mom is concerned my house is too small but I couldn’t care less!
- All done wrapping my 3 Christmas gifts. Hah!
- I’m planning on doing some crafty work during the holidays among which I’ll be building a headboard out of an old wooden door. I’ll keep ya posted.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas is almost here!

I’m generally a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I hate how the holiday seems more about buying presents then about spending time with family and friends. This year I’m kinda into it… maybe it’s because I have a house now and can decorate it. Plus, with exams almost over (one to go) I’m in a more celebratory mood. Here are a few pictures of my tree and a few favourite ornaments.

My very first ornament as a child

I love this guy! You press a button on his tummy and he says tee-hee!

I love angels

As mentioned in an earlier post, the mystery airport guy bought me a gift on our first date. Yesterday was our second date and he bought me another gift! I’m not quite sure what to make of all these gifts, but gift-giving is probably not the worst habit to have, right? Anyway, here is a picture of the ornament he bought. You gotta love Cookie Monster in the background. Hah!

The date went really well. We went out for supper... fought over paying the bill (he won… after we almost ripped the bill in two) and then went to a comedy club for amateur night. At first the local comedians were really bad, but by the third one it got better. We have plans for tomorrow night.

I know it seems like such a minor thing, but I enjoyed that he actually argued with me to pay the bill. I had organized the evening so I had decided I would pay for it and kinda expected him not to argue. Maybe it’s because I date a lot of “modern day” guys or maybe they are just cheap, but I’m used to either going 50/50 for everything or end up picking up the tab. I kinda like being taken care of. I’ve also noticed, since working at Cora’s, just how rare the women pick up the tab! I actually found it quite surprising.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally! My new glasses

As previously posted in rose-coloured glasses, I was tested for Irlen syndrome in October. Well, I got my lenses yesterday, picked out my frames today and already have them! Wheeee! I can’t wait to see if it affects my studying at all. Here’s a picture. Just remember, I don’t wear these to be fashionable, but rather to be help with my perception issues... so be kind! :-P

I actually don't think they are that bad! I think my fake smile is worse than the glasses! Hah!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let’s be honest… am I neurotic?

Maybe there is a reason I’m still single and maybe this reason is because I’m completely crazed! For the most part, I listen to my gut and, for the most part, my gut seems right. Right now, my gut is telling me something is “off” about the new guy. The thing is, I’ve been known to jump to conclusions in my search for the perfect mate. Although my conclusions have never lead me astray, I’ve been told I might not give guys a chance before giving them the boot.

So in my last attempt at a relationship, I ignored my gut and gave the guy a chance. There was one “issue” that kept coming up, but I made excuses for it… always finding a justification for said issue. However, in the end, the “issue” was too much and I gave up. I never regretted my decision and even kicked myself for ignoring my gut for so long. The issue was really MY issue with his issue… if that makes any sense! He wasn’t a bad guy and we had a great time together. I didn’t regret the 5 months we had together, I only regretted not listening to my gut… but then I tell myself, if I HAD listened to my gut, I would have only spent another lonely 5 months.

With the new guy I have an issue… and again, it’s my issue with his issue. The thing is, he’s 33 and lives with his parents. I know what you are saying… didn’t YOU live with your Mom for a mind-numbing 9 months? Well, yes, I did… however, it was clearly short-term and had a definite purpose. He, on the other hand has been living with his parents for the last 7 years. There is sort of an explanation for it. He was with a girl for 6 of those 7 years. This ended in July. As well, the girl lived about three hours away (for 4 of those 6 years) so he was staying with his parents until she moved back… at which point they would move in together. Sounds normal enough, right? Of course, being the inquisitor I am, I had to ask what happened during the two years they were in the same town. Well, it turns out he lived with his girlfriend… and his parents. She moved in to his parent’s house with him. So I tell myself it was for economical reasons. I told him I couldn’t imagine living with my ex in my Mom’s house. We would have to have separate rooms… probably on separate floors. Hah! I laughed at the idea. Then he tells me they had separate rooms while she lived with him and his parents. Is this not weird to anyone else?

I’m having trouble getting over this issue. I keep imagining his mother making his bed every morning and tucking him in every night. I Imagine her making each meal, preparing his lunch before he heads to the office and then, for supper, pre-chewing his steak for him. GAH! Why can’t I get over this!

So what am I to do? Do I ignore this nagging feeling? I mean, it’s not like there is anyone else… frig… there’s barely been anyone else for over two years! I will go out with him again and give this a chance, of course, but I only wish I could stop thinking this thru.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Date numero uno will lead to numero dos

Last night I had my date with mystery airport guy. We were supposed to meet for a coffee, but decided to meet for supper instead. We went to a little Italian restaurant. The evening went really well. We talked a lot and laughed a lot so I think that’s good. He even bought me a gift! I had told him about my snow adventure from the previous day and he had seen a little snowman that said, let it snow on it and thought of me. However, when he went back to get the “let it snow” snowman, it was no longer there, so he got me a different one. How sweet is that? Here’s a picture... yes, I’m a geek; I took a picture! But my blog is seriously lacking visual content as of late.

We stayed at the restaurant for a couple of hours and then attempted to go for a coffee but all the coffee shops downtown were closed. We decided to call it a night even though it was still early. No good night kiss, but I did get a hug and an offer for a second date.

Anyway, he seems like a sweet, normal guy, but I’m still keeping my guard up. Although he is very attractive, I didn’t feel a “I wanna jump ya” kind of attraction, but anytime I’ve had that feeling, the guys were always creeps so I guess that’s good. He’s also one of the few people I’ve met who can rival me in Acadian culture knowledge, which lead to some interesting conversations about our culture.

I keep looking for scary cues from previous relationships and it’s driving me nuts! Is he too needy? Is he materialistic? Is he self-confident? Does he have a strong sense of self? Single words can send me spiraling into doubt. Gah! Why can’t I turn my brain off.

Right now we are trying to find a suitable time slot for a second date. Our schedules seem to be conflicting because of holiday parties and exams. Grrr.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SOS: Send Two-Bite Brownies and a Snowblower!

Freakin’ snow day! Moncton just got 30-some cm of snow overnight with more to come. Normally I would be excited at the prospect of a day off, but not today! You see, my chemistry professor offered us 15 bonus points on our exam if we were able to complete a small quiz this morning consisting of two questions. The catch was, you had to get both questions completely right. So, being an eager little student, I studied my heart out and was fully ready for the quiz. I was convinced the University would not be closed. I mean, the University NEVER closes!

So this morning I got up and got ready to weather the storm. I put on my snowjacket, boots, mittens, scarf and toque and headed out into the snow. I had listened to the radio and since there was no mention of the university closing I was going to get my 15 bonus points!

I should have known that when I had trouble opening the front door because of the knee-deep snow in front of it, I shouldn’t have headed out. But we are talking about 15 bonus points. Do you know what that means? If I got a 75% on my exam I would end up with a 90%!! Nothing was stopping me from my points.

The storm wasn’t too bad on my street but once I got onto the main street where it’s completely open I could barely see where I was going. Of course, none of the sidewalks were plowed so I rolled over a snow bank and started walking in the road… praying I would not get run over. A walk that would normally take 10 minutes took 30. The campus was completely dead… no cars whatsoever. I still wasn’t convinced so I made it all the way to my building. I figured if nothing else I could at least take a few minutes to warm up before heading back. The doors were locked!!

So completely frozen, I started to make my way back home. Of course, I was wearing jeans… who wears jeans in a snow storm?! Gah! The walk back wasn’t so bad... my jeans were so wet that my legs were numb from the cold so at that point I couldn’t feel anything. By the time I got home, my jeans were frozen so I had trouble bending my legs to get up over the bank. So I had to throw my bag over the curb and roll myself to my front door. Ugh.

Now I’m back in my PJs with a hot cup of coffee… dreading the shoveling that needs to be done soon. I just HAD to have the house with the colossal double driveway! Grrr.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Update on the mystery airport guy

Just a quick update on the guy my friend hit on for me at the airport last week. We’ve been emailing each other since last Wednesday and so far so good. Here are the details:
- 33 years old (34 in March)
- Has an actual career
- Seems relatively close to his family… maybe even too close. :-P
- Wants kids (always the big question)
- He’s French… which might seem like a weird thing to want, but culturally it always seems to make things easier when I date a French guy.
- I still haven’t seen a picture of him, but R and I have similar taste and she says he’s cute.
- Appears to have had previous dates. :-P He recently ended a 6 year relationship because he wanted to settle down and she didn’t.

I’m so ubber cautious about the people I date nowadays because I’ve just met way too many weirdos! If they aren’t virgins, they’re unemployed. If they aren’t unemployed, they’ve never had a date in their life. If they’ve had dates, they don’t want kids. If they want kids, they are afraid of commitment. If they aren’t afraid of commitment they have weird sexual fetishes. If they aren't bizzare in the bedroom, they don’t have all their teeth! Seriously, the dating world sucks sometimes!

Anyway, we’re meeting for coffee Wednesday evening so I’ll keep you posted. Honestly, I wish I could meet him earlier because I’m so damn curious, but with exams coming up it’s really the only evening I had free this week. :-(