Monday, July 26, 2010

Mrs Perfect? I like the sound of that!

That’s right; Mr Perfect popped the question last night.

So how did he do it? Well, the short version is, I went to the washroom and when I opened the door to come out, he was down on one knee with the open box. Hah! I think he said, will you marry me and I said ABSOLUTELY!

Here’s the longer version of the story. We spent the day working outside in the sun; me in the garden, him on his car. By the time supper rolled around we were both exhausted from the day so we decided to go out for supper. There was a multicultural festival downtown so we thought we would head there for some international cuisine. The options weren’t much so we ended up at a pub. Well, the beer was damn good last night and we both had two. After we paid the bill and were almost ready to leave, Mr. Perfect said, you know, I would totally have another beer. Too bad we have the car, I added. He said, screw the car, we can come pick it up tomorrow morning – so we had another beer... and another... and another... and a pitcher of beer. It was completely spontaneous and fun! At one point he asked me, if we were to get married, when would it be? From there, we talked a lot about our “hypothetical” wedding. By the time we finished our last beer and literally stumbled home (we walked), we were giggling and giddy. Most of the way home I was complaining I had to pee so as soon as we got home I ran upstairs to the washroom and when I came out, there he was. I kept saying, but what about your plan? He said this was better than his plan and totally felt right.

He was planning on proposing later on this week. His plan had been to put rose petals and candles from front door to our bedroom. There, I would have found a letter telling me how much he loved me and at the end of the letter it would have said "turn around, and he would have bee there. The half-drunken bathroom proposal was even better and so us.

Here are a few pictures of my absolutely gorgeous ring! It’s white gold with a center diamond and 8 sapphires on each side. It also has some gorgeous detailing on the sides. The big day will be next year - later summer/early fall. :-D

We shared the news with family and friends yesterday (and half the Internet, of course). Everyone is overjoyed for us. If we're facebook friends, please don't mention anything just yet. Mr. Perfect's brother is coming home on Friday and we want to share the news in person.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dude – Chill! You’re Stressing me Out!

I’ve been working at the hospital as a student nurse for over a month now and so far it’s been fairly good. I’m still finding it very difficult to change departments almost every shift, but it’s getting better. It’s great that I’ve been getting more comfortable with the environment and my role as a nurse. Hopefully it will pay off during my next clinical work that starts in a few weeks.

My big issue with working at the hospital is realising just how stressed out everyone is! It almost doesn’t matter what floor you are working on, they are always short-staffed and over worked. Last week, while working on the maternity ward, all the nurses had worked double shifts in the last few weeks... that means working 24 hours straight. 8-0 Working a double every couple of weeks appears to be the norm for most of the hospital. It’s freakin’ scary. Yesterday, while working in paediatrics, one girl started to cry because she was over-worked. The horror stories just keep coming. Ugh. It’s been stressing me out but I’ve been too afraid to mention it because people might say: “I told you so” or “You can’t freak out now... you haven’t even started!” I didn’t sleep much last night or the night before because all of this has been on my mind... this morning it caught up to me in the form of a migraine. Even though I tried my best to push through it (medicated, showered, etc.) I just couldn’t and ended up calling in sick. It has me a little freaked because I’m not even two month into it and already calling in sick?! Gah!

Anyway, there’s not much point to this post other than needing to get this out.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sowing the Seeds of Love

I’ve had the Tears for Fears song, Sowing the Seeds of Love (gotta love the 80s), in my head the entire morning as I weeded and worked in my garden. The vegetable garden is coming along nicely even though we’ve had to replant our beans. Today we planted extra seeds where the initial ones hadn’t taken.

Here are a few pictures of our crops

I also worked in my flower garden and have some new flowers to share.

I have no idea what these flowers are, but they are pretty funky!

I’m really excited about the plants I started all on my own this year because you can really see the progress in the last month.

As you can see there is a significant difference from my previous post.

Finally, here's a pic of my purrrrty unknown flowers in a vase

I think I'm officially a gardener. :-)