Thursday, November 22, 2012

Time to Retire

I think everyone who reads this blog already knows that we have started the process to adopt a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you didn’t already know... where the heck have you been!?! With this new chapter in our life taking the front seat, I have decided to retire this blog. I’ve had this blog for almost 6 years now! It’s amazing to think that when I started Square Peg Chronicles, I was single, had just moved back with my Mom and was a marketing specialist. Now I’m married, a registered nurse and adopting a child from across the world! Life is amazing, huh?

That being said, I really hope you will follow my new blog at There, you can find out more about our adoption journey and you can link to our Etsy store. I really hope you’ll join me on this new adventure – you’ve all been so supportive over the years!

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